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First tooooooots...

I do help desk/service desk work, and am studying computer science as an older student. I love running services out of my home and tinkering with hardware.

I'm a democratic socialist / anarchist, love music like Scissor Sisters, Carly Rae Jepsen, Janelle Monae, Disasterpeace... hoping to find more people here

I'm overwhelmed with new homeowner issues and don't post much, but I might start treating my mastodon feed like my underused blog..

so follow me?

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Guess I'll tag some of for easier topic checking? Does that work?

! where my Polar peeps
/ /
/ especially secular like Dharmapunx

on &

(but in recent years I have less energy for it)

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/ /
/ allyship


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Serial abuser, sexual assault, LB Show more

Serial abuser, sexual assault, LB Show more

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fucked up that chuck wendig got fired by marvel for the crime of "being harassed on twitter"

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omg i LOVE Jodie Whittaker. What a brilliant doctor. #doctorwho

I have seen the new #DoctorWho and I am happy to report the show is in exceptionally good shape for 55 years old. And the new Doctor seems to have the right attitude from the start: she helps people.

Odd fact about me: my "first Who" is the wrong actor for the time I was watching the show. I started watching #DoctorWho in summer 1986, which was Colin Baker's era - but at that time, the station in Australia on which I was watching Doctor Who was airing Jon Pertwee episodes, so Pertwee is My Doctor despite my having been born after he left the role.

computer nerds
do us all a favor
literally everyone who isn't a programmer

a fucking

The amount of clout a programmers union would wield is just fucking incredible. Stop fucking around like just because you get a lopsided paycheque the rest of us won't ever see things are somehow ok. They aren't.

Organize a union.
Help fix this mess.

hey so just checking, who all among women/queer/trans/poc is in the NYC area or wants to be and doing #ml? i know a surprisingly decent (and ethical) company doing hiring in the near future

men, were you also not aware that you could just not attempt a comedic reply to a toot about awful men?

me @ other leftists: don't ever feel like you're not doing enough! capitalism is exhausting and running yourself ragged isn't worth it! small steps add up!!!

me @ myself: I'm not doing enough

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Brap! 💨

A space for your toots and braps. This is mainly a personally-run instance for me & my family, but we are friendly to socialists, anarchists, feminists, LGBTQIA+, the poly/non-monogamous, and general lefty activism. Also welcome: technology, programming, and whatever. Feel free to join! But don't expect 100% uptime. I'll try to alert when downtime might occur, it should be minimal. Alternate interface available at ... Pinafore alt interface also coming soon.